Via della Battana, 22
48122 Ravenna – Italy
+39 0544 435450
Via Della Battana, 22 – 48122 Ravenna (Italy)
+39 0544 435450

Antrakoi is an unique company for the processing, marketing and distribution of Anthracite and Coke based in the Adriatic Sea

A strategic position for a better customer service

With a covered and uncovered production area of about 25,000 square meters, located in the first Italian port platform for this type of goods, the Port of Ravenna, Antrakoi is a unique operator in the sector, in all respect of a full service, door to door for our customer’s business.

  • Cost optimization
  • Production efficiency
  • Quality of the final products

High competence for the right raw materials

The presence of processing plants and storage area next to the private berh “Soco” allows Antrakoi to minimize the cost of handling for the Anthracite and Coke, before and after processing.

The product is discharged directly from the holds of the vessels and immediately moved into the processing plants, ensuring speed, efficiency and reduced costs.

All this allows reducing the logistic cost and the natural degradation of the products. Consequently this improves customer’s productivity.

Furthermore, the cooperation between Antrakoi, Port and maritime logistic operators of highest quality, guarantees an integrated logistic service optimizing the value to our customers.

Innovation to improve environment issue

The preservation of what is surrounding us and the right relationship between resources and environment are the objectives that Antrakoi pursues through the investments dedicated to the integrated Cogeneration plant. Through this process, the part of necessary drying energy is produced.

The only ones who provides screening and drying of Coal and Anthracite in a sea port area

Within the stocking area, anthracite and coke follow distinct manufacturing processes. The first goes through an initial crushing activity to get to the next screening phase. The second is directly screened in the appropriate plant.

The obtained products are stored in the yard in front of the plant or inside the covered Antrakoi warehouses and then shipped to destination.

According to our customers needs, the fine material is dried with a rotary kiln and screened in different size distribution.

  • The screening plant has a production capacity of 100T / H 100% 100%
  • The drying plant has a production capacity of 25 T / H 100% 100%


Through the in-line processing plant that allows carrying out the complete crushing and screening processes, it is possible to obtain the following anthracite sizes:

0-10 mm
10-40 mm
40-70 mm
70-100 mm
>100 mm

The undersize material moves to the drying plant, from which we can obtain the following grain sizes:

0-0.2 mm
0.2-1 mm
1-3 mm
3-5 mm
5-13 mm

The dried fines are subsequently stored into the silos (10) with a total capacity of 540 cubic meters.
It is possible to obtain different sizes and granulometry according to specific requests and, if necessary, packed into Big Bags of various sizes depending on the customer final requests.


A specific screening plant in a dedicated area produces the following sizes of MetCoke and Foundry Coke:

0-10 mm
10-40 mm
40-70 mm
70-100 mm
>100 mm

To satisfy any specific requirement, the fine materials may also go through a drying process with a rotary kiln.

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